The Nike X Off-White Air Maxes Will Cost You Some Coins


Not having a pair of Nike Air Maxes will get your sneakerhead card revoked with the quickness. There are whole parties dedicated to the shoe, and when you take a look at that silhouette, it makes perfect sense. Out of all of their silhouettes, this might be Nike’s coolest. So what exactly could make a pair of Air Maxes cooler? Only fashion golden child Virgil Abloh.

Abloh has not made one mistake since his rise as not only a fashion icon with his own brand, Off-White, but as the first ever black director of Louis Vuitton. His rise has attracted many collaborations, one of the biggest being Nike, and everyone who knows enough to get excited about the release of the Nike Air Max 90 X Off-White pack has been waiting with bated breath.

The shoes were rumored to debut at the end of 2018, but it looks like we’ll be seeing them early this year as secondhand retailers have already been posting pictures and selling raffle tickets for people to get a chance to snag a pair. The kicker, though, is that tickets are selling for upward of $650.

The Air Max 90 pack will come in two colorways: black and “Desert Ore,” each with suede, synthetic materials, mesh, and leather uppers (that’s right, all of them together), with very dope-ly visible stitching around the white and “mango” swooshes, respectively. If you’ve just got it like that, you can check out reseller site StockX to try and reserve your pair.