The Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals [UPDATING]

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Happy Amazon Prime Day! Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? We at Uproxx are here to help. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to take a look at our five golden rules for Prime Day, and our list of all of the apps you’re going to need to ensure a successful deal-nabbing experience.

Amazon Prime Day is nigh! Hope you remembered to put out milk and cookies for the Amazon Prime Platypus which, as everyone knows, comes into your house on Prime Day Eve, decides if you’re naughty or nice, and then delivers you page-busting prices all day long (That’s if you were good all year. If not, you’ll just be sent hundreds of Cat DJ turntables with no one to blame but yourself).


Most of the time, it’s the tech deals that get the most attention and excitement on Prime Day, but it would be a mistake to ignore all of the other fabulous discounts this year. Clothing and accessories are going to be deeply discounted for example, and you can pick up some amazing deals at rock bottom prices if you know where to look.

Here are some of our favorite fashion deals for the day. As they drop, we’ll keep you updated as to their prices (because you seriously don’t want to miss out on these!).

Vaschy Water Resistant Travel Backpack


Goes Live: LIVE NOW

Why You Should Watch This Deal: This awesome travel backpack is perfect for any traveler or adventurer and is a serious steal at $22 (it’s normally $70!). It’s already half sold, so jump on this!

Mens 2 Piece Floral Slim Fit Tweed Suit


Goes Live: LIVE NOW
Why You Should Watch This Deal: Because how can you not get this suit? We don’t want to say this is the only suit you’ll ever need ever again, but we think it’s preeeeeetty versatile. Grab it and be the most stylish dude in town for only $46.99.

ZSHOW Men’s Winter Hooded Down Jacket


Goes Live: LIVE NOW

Why You Should Watch This Deal: This sleek, attractive winter jacket is normally 90 bucks but is selling for a cool $34. We love the design of this coat, and highly suggest snapping it up!

Duduma Fashion Aviator Sunglasses


Goes Live: LIVE NOW

Why You Should Watch This Deal: These cool aviators are only TEN DOLLARS with Prime Day (down from 25). Seriously, you can’t go wrong.

Gootium Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag


Luciano Natazzi Men’s Light Weight Jacket


Goes Live: LIVE NOW

Why You Should Watch This Deal: This cotton, thermal jacket works for a casual fall look on the street or while hiking/camping. It’s usually a little on the pricey side, retailing for 150 dollars, so we’re going to jump at the opportunity to get it for cheap. The deal is in and it’s only 69.95! That’s totally insane.

Goes Live: 4:05 p.m.

Why You Should Watch This Deal: Stylish, sturdy, and perfect for school, work, or travel, this affordable canvas bag has a vintage, explorer look that we love. It retails for about 45 dollars, and we expect it to be ridiculously affordable at its Prime Day discount.

Bulova Mens Leather Calfskin Watch


Goes Live: 6:11 p.m.

Why You Should Watch This Deal: If you’ve been meaning to invest in a fine watch for a while, but hate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on one, this is the perfect opportunity. Bulova is known for their sharp, high quality products, and normally retail for over 200 dollars. So on Prime Day, you could walk away with a classic piece (that you’ll wear every day!) for a fraction of the regular price.


Laverapelle Men’s Black Leather Jacket


Goes Live: 3:20 a.m.

Why You Should Watch This Deal: We absolutely love this tailored, genuine lambskin leather jacket. Both rugged and elegant, you could get away with wearing this versatile piece on a motorcycle or to a nice dinner. It was already a pretty good price at $200 dollars, but on Prime Day it’s predicted to go down even more.

What It Went For: $101

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