Puma Is Paying Respect To The Legendary TR-808 Drum Machine With Their New Vintage Inspired Sneaker

The relationship between hip-hop and clothing is inescapable. In fact, there is almost no other genre of music that is so tied to particular styles and brands as hip hop, particularly Puma. The influence of Puma is so pervasive that Jay-Z, The Weeknd, and Kylie Jenner have all lined up to act as ambassadors for the brand over the last year. So, it should come as no surprise that Puma has collaborated with Roland to release a new shoe that pays homage to one of the most infamous drum and bass sequencers in music: The TR-808.

Puma has already collaborated with other brands like Sega and Polaroid to release nostalgic looking shoes whose design is based heavily on the aesthetic of vintage technology. A shoe with Roland that reps the vintage TR- 808 made famous by Kanye on his album 808s And Heartbreaks seems like a match made in heaven. The shoe will be black like the base of the drum machine and feature yellow, orange and red highlights, as well as references to the Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-Hat and various other buttons, keys, and functions on the original TR-808.

The collaboration is something of a no-brainer for a label known for dressing hip-hop stars and a company that builds the technology that fuels their creative endeavors. As of yet no date for when the shoe will be available to the public has been released.

(Via CDM.Link)