The Biggest Style Takeaways From Kanye’s Sprawling GQ Interview

Kanye West is currently making press rounds in promotion of his divisive album, Jesus is King. And between carpool karaoke in a plane and having to deal with Kanye literally preaching to his fan base, it’s getting to be as exhausting as you’d expect a modern Kanye press cycle to be.

Which is what makes his recent sit-down with GQ so fascinating. In celebration of the release of GQ’s creative-director-at-large and longtime Kanye associate Jim Moore’s new book, Hunks and Heroes: Four Decades of Fashion at GQ, the pair sat down in Chicago in front of a live audience for a sprawling interview that delved into the careers of both icons. While the conversation was meant to revolve around Moore’s contribution to men’s fashion, because it was an interview with arguably the century’s most important rapper, it leans heavy on the Kanye commentary.

Kanye is with a friend here, which is nice. The two swap stories about everything from Kanye’s earliest forays into fashion, to the Fear of God fashion label, and Virgil Abloh. There are no controversial statements, no obvious hypocrisies, or weird political endorsements — just Ye, talking about subjects he’s passionate about. It’s a little bittersweet but it’s a nice reminder that recent creative slump aside, Kanye is still one of the most interesting artists of our time.

Check out the full interview here, or read up on some quick highlights if you don’t have the patience to check out a full Kanye interview in 2019.