‘Stranger Things’ Socks Are The Halloween Gift-To-Self You Deserve

Candy is dandy but “Stranger Things” socks rock…s.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for millions — the joy of dressing up, the parties, trick-or-treating, giving out candy to cute little kiddos with makeshift costumes — it’s just a feel-good day all around, without the pressure of having to keep an eye on that cousin who steals or talking to your slightly racist uncle Joe.

This year, just in time for the holiday, Stance clothing brand is paying homage to Netflix Original Series Stranger Things with a sock line featuring the show’s logo:

And even poor, lonely Barb:

The socks are featured in the men’s section of the Web site, but feet know no gender, and women would look just as fresh in these. The only thing about these socks that’s a little scary is that they’re $16 a piece (I screamed) but if you’re one of the fans of the show that quickly developed a cult following, it shouldn’t be a big deal to dish out a little cash. If you’re really balling out of control, maybe hand these out instead of candy at your door. You have to give parents something worthwhile to steal out of their kids’ bags, right?

Stranger Things 2 is out now, so it might be a good idea to get your toe swag on before that watch party you’ll, no doubt, be having on Halloween night.