The Supreme Online Shop Is Closed… For Now


Thursdays are Christmas in the urban gear world. The box logo that caught the eye of so many skateboarders, then hip-hoppers, then random fashion and novelty lovers, and now, apparently, super rich people in France, Supreme releases its newest collections each week on that day, and before people on other coasts can really wake up, east coast fans have taken all the best of each collection, if not completely bought it out. Streetwear and popular culture connoisseurs everywhere await Thursday with bated breath, but this week, they might want to go ahead and exhale.

Supreme fans who are (im)patiently awaiting Thursday’s drop of all the newest, freshest Supreme gear will be sorely disappointed when they try to log on this week and find a message that reads:

“Our webstore is currently closed and will reopen soon with our Fall/Winter 2018 collection.”

Ouch, fans. We feel your pain.

But fear not, it will all be okay. The store will reopen, and to be the first to know when, you can head to the closed-for-now site and sign up to get emails about when the new line will drop and, even better, learn exactly what is dropping first. If you’re on the East Coast, you’re good to get the emails in real time. If not, wake up early like it’s Christmas Day every day and check for Supreme Santa to drop that email in your inbox.

Until then, check the resale markets and dream about the good times we’ve had together with our list of best Supreme collabs, best Supreme shirts, or any of our drop lists.

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