SNX: The New Supreme And Vans Collaboration And More Sneakers Dropping This Week

05.08.19 4 months ago


We’re in that sweet spot between spring and summer when our wardrobes are expanding into wide color palettes, and this week’s SNX offerings truly capture that spirit. Whether its the bright red, eye-catching design of Nike’s Gato silhouette or the Italian pool-inspired Lidos, our favorite shoe brands brought bright colorways that wouldn’t look out of place in any spring or summer wardrobes. Roll up to any party this summer rocking one of the pairs from this list and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

Let’s be real though, we know why you’re here. Supreme has taken a break from designing paper clips, and Juul pods, or whatever the hell else the brand has been up to, to collaborate with everyone’ first favorite sneaker brand Vans. It’s a big week for streetwear enthusiasts everywhere, with that drop clearly leading the way, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on this week’s other offerings.

Here are the dopes shoes out this week!

Diadora END. N9002 Lido


What’s this, a new sneaker brand joining SNX? Introducing Diadora, which has linked up with one of our favorite British retailers, END. for the annoyingly named N9002 Lido. Inspired by the open-air swimming pools of Northeast Italy, the Lidos, feature an all leather upper, white EVA midsole, and a contrasting grey mudguard against a swimming pool-toned colorway.

These are straight up dope! While swimming pools and leather don’t exactly mix well, we’re all about this colorway and would jump at the opportunity to rock these at any upcoming summer parties we plan on attending — so long as we’re able to keep our distance from the pool.

The Diadora N9002 Lido are set to drop exclusively through END. Clothing on May 11th where a pair will retail for $245.



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