Vans Is Releasing A Vibrant New ‘Patchwork’ Pack


Sneakers are always a source of joy for sneakerheads and skaters, but Vans has taken exuberance to another level with this super colorful new “Patchwork” sneaker pack. The company has released patchwork shoes before, but nothing this vibrant. Seriously, how can you not be in a good mood just looking at these things, let alone actually wearing them on your feet? The shoes are available in all of the most popular Vans silhouettes — the Era, the Slip-On, and the Sk8-Hi — so you can be as fresh as you want and still rep your own style.

The sneakers have leather, suede, and canvas uppers, and the super colorful patchwork effect is meant to create a “retro ’70s vibe.” These colorways are a welcome change from the darker colorways we’ve been seeing in most winter styles, and a fun change-up for those of us who have been wearing boots all winter to shield our feet from the wet and cold. The new Vans Patchwork Pack is available on the Vans Web site and can be purchased for around the same price any other Vans shoe costs — $65 for the Era and Slip-On silhouettes, and $75 for the Sk8-Hi silhouette.

If you’re wanting to get a head start on Spring, here’s your chance.