Vans Is Getting Fancy With New Silver And Checkerboard Kicks

01.04.18 2 years ago


New year, new you, new shoe?

We’re already four days in, but slip-on skate shoemakers Vans is still in the festive mood. The classic shoe has reinvented itself over and over again with colorways, textures, fabrics, and styles. For 2018, Vans has introduced two new series: silver and a new spin on the existing checkerboard print.

Let’s get into this silver series, first: You can get them in the signature Vans Slip-On or in the Old Skool silhouette sneakers. The silhouettes – denoted by the higher top, reinforced toe caps, and thicker sole, have been mad popular lately, as people mix and match colorways, but we weren’t ready for silver on silver in a completely metallic leather upper with a metallic silver finish. These things are a lucky dime — all shiny and new.

The Slip-On is exactly what a Vans consumer would expect, a solid metallic silver in the form of your favorite shoe to wear with literally everything.

Next, there’s the checkerboard:


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