This ‘Indestructible Hoodie’ Is Built To Last 100 Years

06.27.17 10 months ago 3 Comments


They say when the nuclear apocalypse happens all that will be left is the shells of our crumbling society and cockroaches. But they didn’t count on the biggest survivor of all…this hoodie.

Adventure clothing brand, Vollebak, claims to have invented a nearly indestructable hoodie that will last for a 100 years or through their death, whichever comes first. Whether or not the hoodie will be the one to murder you so that it can outlive us all, and will be the one to bury you while maniacally laughing over your corpse remains to be seen.

Vollebak was founded by adventure athletes and twin brothers, Nick and Steve Tidball, to “create cutting edge adventure sports clothing using insights and discoveries from fields as diverse as neuroscience, physiology, material technology and space exploration.” And so far they have not disappointed. Previous products include fabric that uses nanotechnology to camouflage sweat, dirt, salt, and blood (perfect, they say, for any hardcore athlete or…murderous psychopath), an extreme cold and abrasion resistant jacket with a ceramic material so tough it can scar rock and tolerate repeated high-speed falls up to 120kmph, and a motion caption mid layer, designed to to enable people to recognise you as human in just a quarter of a second.


The new version of crawling under a school desk will be for every child to crawl inside of the biggest hoodie they can find. It’s the only thing that can save us.

Vollebak’s newest venture, the 100 Year Hoodie, looks and feels exactly like your favorite cotton sweatshirt, but it’s anything but ordinary. Made out of DuPont Kevlar, it’s highly resistant to rips, abrasion, or burns. And they’ve tested it in all sorts of conditions, dragged it over rocks, set it on fire, and tied it on the back of a motor boat. The hoodie survived all scenarios they tested it in unscathed.

The material can also survive extreme temperatures from 300°C to -200°C which, they say, means that you can wear it on the surface of Mars if you want. It will last through 2,000 washes, 4,000 wears, and up to 100 accidents. So it may be a gift you pass on to your grandchildren someday — the first heirloom sweatshirt. That is… if the Earth hasn’t burned up killing every human on its surface. Either way though, the hoodie will be just fine, humanity’s greatest legacy.


The 100 Year Hoodie retails for $295. It’s a lot for an ordinary sweatshirt, but for the piece of clothing that will literally stand the test of time? It’s… kind of a bargain? You can watch a video of Vollebak testing the hoodie below:

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