ACRONYM And Hideo Kojima Team Up For A ‘Death Standing’-Inspired GORE-TEX Jacket

Famed video game designer Hideo Kojima — the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series — has linked up with Munich-based streetwear brand ACRONYM for a special iteration of their J1A-GT jacket that resembles the jacket worn by Norman Reedus’ character Sam Bridges from November’s divisive Death Standing video game. Dubbed the “Bridges Variant,” the design builds off of ACRONYM’s J1A-GTKP and features a dark blue GORE-TEX base, equipped with a yellow overlay pocket meant to replicate the “Bridge Baby” carried around by Sam throughout the duration of the game.

Death Standing, if you’re unaware, is a game about carrying boxes and a weird tube baby across a post-apocalyptic United States that you traverse using ladders and walking fairly slowly. Granted, that’s a superficial way of describing the gameplay of Death Stranding but anyone who has sunk in a considerable amount of time playing the game will describe the gameplay to you in the exact same way. Video games have gotten weird, fam.

You could brush this off as a novelty collaboration, but ACRONYM didn’t cut any corners here. Aside from the tough GORE-TEX base, the Bridges Variant features an overlap zip-funnel hood, an aux pocket, and other weather-resistant accents making for a faithfully functional recreation of Sam’s iconic jacket.

The ACRONYM Bridges Variant is available now exclusively via the Kojima Productions webstore after selling out almost instantly on ACRONYM’s website.