SNX DLX: Featuring The Supreme Honda Collab And The Latest Palace Drop

Welcome to the first week of October! We are officially in the spooky weather season, meaning it’s time to jacket, sweater, and layer up. On the kick’s front, it’s a less eventful week than we’ve been having, no major drops or collaborations and, shockingly, not a single YEEZY in sight! (A good sign for those waiting on an album.)

This scarcity of releases is great news for anybody who recently dropped a fat wad of cash on a new fall or back-to-school wardrobe. You can pick up a pair of kicks on this list anywhere between $85 and $160 — that’s an SNX rarity! Unfortunately, that money you save will likely be spent on the latest Palace and Supreme drops. It never ends does it?

Here are all the best sneaker and apparel collections set to drop this week, happy October!