SNX: Featuring The New Bone White Yeezy 500s And The Best Shoes Out This Week


So we certainly didn’t plan this, but every single sneaker to snag a top-five spot in this week’s SNX is mostly white. Maybe it’s an interesting coincidence or maybe the brands are just unloading the last of their white sneakers before the summer season ends. Either way, we’re here for it. White and black sneakers are always solid. They go with just about every outfit and are right for just about any occasion, so you can never have too many of either color.

Our only rant of the week is, why couldn’t the big brands deliver these earlier? We would’ve loved to rock them all summer long and would’ve loved for the Yeezy 500s in Bone White to drop in June instead of the endless supply of dirty cotton-candy colored 350s we got.

Better late than never we suppose. Here are all the dopest sneakers out this week!