SNX DLX: Featuring A Yeezy Boot Drop, The AriZona Great Buy Magazine, And North Face’s Latest

Welcome to SNX DLX, a new and expanded version of our weekly sneaker column. Instead of sacrificing careful curation for a long list of every sneaker hitting the market, we’ve decided to expand the scope of SNX to include the best new apparel collections and any other drops you need to know about.

What a week. If you’re still feeling the pain of having to decide between whether to throw your money at Supreme, Travis Scott, or Kanye West thanks to last week’s drops, prepare for more pain. This week is an absolute killer. It’s New York Fashion Week and the various streetwear and sneaker labels out there are trying to steal the spotlight by filling the week with some of the best drops of the entire year.

Let’s talk about it.

Adidas YZY DSRT BT Salt, Rock, and Oil


Finally, Ye is dipping into the vault and bringing back the YZY DSRT BT which released earlier this year to instant acclaim. What did he do with the vowels? We can’t say, but a YEEZY boot at just $200 with three different colorways? That’s a god damn steal and a good indication that Adidas is finally treating Ye’s designs like the powerhouse releases that they are.

Releasing in Salt, Rock, and Oil colorways (Ye’s habit of naming his colorways like paint swatches from a Home Depot endures), we’re really liking these. Or two of them, at least. We would’ve left the Rock on the cutting room floor, but hey, we aren’t Kanye. We’re sure the pair looks great in one of the dome homes that the city of Calabasas forced him to remove from his property.

The YEEZY DSRT BT is set to drop on September 14th and will retail for $200 for the adult size. Pick up a pair through the Adidas online store or YEEZY SUPPLY.