Comics Of Note, Ranked, For June 3

Man of Steel on a collision course for Doomsday in ‘Superman: Doomed’

Preview: Action Comics #27

‘Action Comics’ debuts the New 52’s revamped Lana Lang

Preview: Action Comics #26

Preview: Action Comics #25

‘Zero Year’ turning back the clock for Superman

Preview: Action Comics #25

Preview: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Preview: Superman: Parasite #23.4

Preview: Action Comics: Metallo #23.4

DC rising star Aaron Kuder makes writing debut with ‘Superman: Parasite’

Preview: Justice League: Lobo #23.2

Preview: Superman: Bizarro #23.1

Preview: Green Lantern: Rise of the Third Army HC

Preview: Action Comics: Cyborg Superman #23.1

Online backlash over Lobo redesign may be premature

Exclusive: Superman and Commissioner Gordan joining Batman in ‘Zero Year’