140 Characters of Ego: October Edition

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Last month, we were told that we were too nice to the twits. It’s a mistake we won’t make ever again, especially not with this month’s bumper crop of self-importance. And awaaaaay we go!

@Reply: Haiku: helping undergrads feel profound since the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Character Overage: It’s vitally important in his profile that you understand his retweeting something doesn’t mean he agrees with it.  We’re sure with his 37 followers that this is a real problem.

@Reply: Almost the same rate you’re getting rejected at the singles bars!

Character Overage: Morozov actually has written an interesting, if flawed, book about social media, but mostly he’s getting conference invitations because people are sick of hearing about Iran and Twitter.  Good for him, we guess.

@Reply: So what you’re saying is working for a pathetic B-lister makes you a pathetic D-lister.

Character Overage: Apparently the “celebrity” he works for is Dave Ramsey, one of those “investing for Jesus” types, which is why you’ve never heard of him and will continue not to.

@Reply: …You really don’t realize what that sounds like, do you?

Character Overage: It’s nice to know that even on the Internet, some people retain their innocence.  Apparently they are commodities investors.

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