Get An Up Close And Personal 360 Degree View Of A Tornado In This Insane Video

The advent of 360-degree video technology has given us unique looks at everything from daily news and airplane takeoffs to historic rocket landings. But we have yet to truly tap the power of the interactive, 360-degree video. Yeah, it’s good for looking around a locale that you’d never normally find yourself in, but we humans can generally get an idea of being in a far away land by using our imaginations. This technology has yet to truly scratch the surface of capturing insane moments that we wouldn’t be able to see or comprehend if presented to us in any other way. In other words, we have yet to drive head-on into a friggin’ tornado while having full control of our point of view.

This is what it feels like to be Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt.

The second video shows off a traditional view of a tornado chase, all in horrifically glorious 4K. It’s incredible that people would put themselves at risk all for the sake of some admittedly stunning footage. What’s next, a selfie in the eye of a storm? I think I may have just stumbled upon the plot of Twister 2

Okay, the article’s over. I gotta go, Julia. We’ve got cows.