These Are The 38 New Emojis That Will Soon Be On Your Phone

The reign of the Smiling Poop is coming to an end. Unicode Consortium, which fills your phone with spooky ghosts and twin dancers, has heard your request for more emojis, and they’ve responded with 38 new ones that will be on your phone starting June 2016, reports Yahoo Tech.

Look out, eggplant. “Pregnant woman” is coming for you. Here’s the full list:

-Face with cowboy hat
-Clown face
-Nauseated face
-Rolling on the floor laughing
-Drooling face
-Lying face
-“Call me” hand
-Raised back of hand
-Left-facing fist
-Right-facing fist
-Hand with first and index finger crossed
-Pregnant woman
-Face palm
-Man dancing
-Man in tuxedo
-Mother Christmas
-Wilted flower
-Motor scooter
-Octagonal sign
-Clinking glasses
-Black heart
-Fox face

Another update, and still no taco? Such nonsense. Also, I know “prince” looks like this:

But it should look this:

I would respond to everyone with that emoji.

(Via: Yahoo Tech)