Ad Agency Mixes Drunk People And Slo-Mo With Hilarious Results

It’s a question that has bedeviled the greatest thinkers. If you get eleven kegs, and set up a slow-motion camera in a “photo booth” with a bunch of cheesy props, what will happen? Finally, courtesy of ad agency Brouton Stroube, we have an answer.

And the answer is pretty much exactly what you’d expect!

The technology behind this is actually pretty impressive: Brouton Stroube used a Phantom Miro slow-motion camera from Vision Research. It’ll look familiar if you watch pretty much any show on the Discovery channel; it’s (relatively) cheap, it’s highly effective at shooting slow motion video, and it gets gorgeous images at thousands of frames per second. In other words, seeing the Cinnamon Challenge in slow motion technically cost more to make than buying a nice used car.

Our only question is, how soon before we can rent these for our parties? Of course, private functions would probably yield people doing things far less innocent than blasting each other with Nerf guns, but, hey, that’d be a heck of a viral follow-up.