Amazingly, Teens Treat Facebook Like It’s High School

Senior Contributor

Another day, another survey about kids on Facebook.  You’d think most academic researchers had never been to high school, as they always seem to be shocked when teens are d-bags to each other, but at least this survey isn’t about how social media is ruining our children and things were better in the good old days, when computers didn’t connect with each other and women knew their place.

And the statistics are, drumroll please…

  • 22% of teens had something happen to them (or did something) that ended a friendship, you know, the eternal bonds of friendship you form in high school.
  • 25% had an experience that resulted in a face-to-face confrontation.
  • 13% had an experience that “caused a problem with their parents” (“Son, what precisely are you drinking in that picture?  And where are your pants?”)
  • 13% “felt nervous about going to school the next day” after an argument over Facebook.
  • 8% got into a fistfight over Facebook, and 6% got in trouble at school.

So, basically what you’re saying is that in the presence of technology, teenagers are still bratty idiots?  World-shaking!

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