Apple Is Updating One Of The Most Useful Emojis And People Aren’t Very Happy

11.01.16 1 year ago

Shutterstock / APPLE

Imagine the riots in the streets if Apple one day decided to delete the poop or eggplant emoji, the way Disney used to (still does?) retire home video releases into the Vault. Thankfully, things haven’t come to that (yet). But in the new beta version of iOS 10.2, which made its debut on Monday, Apple did tweak one of the most popular emojis: the peach. In case you still use words to describe the human physique, like an ancient hermit, the peach emoji is synonymous with butts, or in the words of Urban Dictionary, “The emoticon of the ass” (to use it in a sentence: “wow she’s got such a nice (peach emoji)”).

Unfortunately, the new peach emoji looks less a butt and more like… a peach.

Other emoji updates include a clown (no), Harambe (it’s actually any ol’ gorilla, but will only be used in reference to Harambe, or maybe Mighty Joe Young), a firefighter, a judge, an astronaut, the face palm, a dude shrugging, and an avocado. But it’s the peach that everyone keeps coming back to. This will change sexting and/or quoting your favorite The Presidents of the United States of America song forever. The fuzzy bum is already being mourned.

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