Here’s Everything Apple Announced Today At Its Highly Anticipated iPhone X Event

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It’s been all about the next iPhone over the last year, but Apple rolled out far more than just a new iPhone today. Here’s everything it announced.

iPhone X and iPhone 8

The iPhone X mostly caught attention for its facial recognition features, meaning you can unlock your phone with your face and give a turd emoji a voice and your expression. Generally, though, Apple has pushed the iPhone a bit further than it has in past years, and while little of this tech is must-have, it’s definitely awesome.

Apple Watch

Apple had a lot to say about the Watch, and you can check it all out here. Suffice to say? You might finally have a use for it, even if you’re not a fitness type.

Wireless Charging

Apple has announced that the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 3, and other accessories will support wireless charging, with just one mat, with your stuff resting on top of it. That’s still in the works, but it’ll push wireless charging further, and Apple has grand plans to incorporate wireless charging into public spaces like coffee shops as well.

Apple TV

Apple’s struggle with taking over the streaming world continues apace. Apple TV is, officially a 4K streaming device with high dynamic range, keeping it apace with the high end of TV technology. Apple is also updating the movies you’ve bought, with 4K Netflix and Amazon as well.

The big surprise is that it’s adding live sports, as part of a larger push into live TV streaming, with a smart notification system. It’ll alert you to games starting, and close games, so you can tune in if you’ve been ignoring the schedule, or just assumed LeBron was going to stomp the Wizards. Apple is also adding more gaming support to the Apple TV, in a long awaited move. They’ve brought in That Game Company with their new game Sky, which looks good, and likely will be fun, but Apple will need more than just an arty game. It’ll be $179, and will be available for preorder September 15th, arriving the 22nd. Whether these upgrades, which are substantial, will be enough to put Apple over the top with Roku, Sony, and Google remains to be seen, however.

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