Apple Fanboys Predictably Flip Out Over Samsung Ad

On planet Earth, most of us actually probably would not know the difference between an iPhone 5 and pretty much any other smartphone if you just reskinned the interface, hence Apple suing everybody. In fact, Jimmy Kimmel has already proved as much.

Unfortunately, as a long-time Apple user, I know deep in my heart that Apple fanboys, just like console fanboys, will never let go of the fight because it’s really all they’ve got to be smug about.

So, when Samsung dared to speak heresy against the JesusPhone, the Apple faithful acted with all the maturity and grace we’ve come to expect from people who are overly emotionally invested in a brand that doesn’t care if they get sucked into an ice chipper.

It’s a fairly straightforward argument: The Samsung Galaxy S III is totally better than the iPhone 5. This is something nerds care about and literally nobody else, although presumably Samsung is a little bitter over losing a pointless court case recently.

So, what kind of mature and intelligent reaction did we get from people with Photoshop?

Settle for cheap aluminum instead, because the first thing millions of iPhone owners aren’t going to do is slap this thing into a hideous plastic case.

This feels like it’s missing something… but I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

You know, because you’re buying it as an object of admiration, instead of a phone.

In short, it doesn’t take a genius to realize some people need to get out more.