Apple Fixed The Bug That Could Have Leaked Your Photos And Contacts

04.06.16 3 years ago

Your no-filter selfies that are too ugly to make it to Instagram, food-porn images, and d*ck pics are now safe after what could have been another security fiasco for Apple.

On Tuesday, there were reports that a bug in iOS 9.3. could result in an iPhone user’s pictures and contacts to be compromised using Siri. Before Apple fixed the problem, a potential hacker would have needed to ask Siri to search Twitter to bypass typing in a passcode, then with Twitter open, they would use Apple’s 3D touch to access contacts and photos.

After the Youtube clip of the hack surfaced, Apple quickly took care of the problem that affected iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users. If a person tries to use the published hack, Siri tells you that you will need to type in the phone’s passcode or use 3D touch. The Independent originally stated that it was a problem with iOS 9.3, but it was revealed that it was Siri who was causing trouble. Apple updated Siri and users who were vulnerable to the hack are now fine and will not have to do an additional software update.

This isn’t the first time everyone’s favorite personal assistant could be used to hack into the private contents of an iPhone. A group of French scientists were able to impressively control Siri while not even near an iPhone and the same hacker who discovered this week’s problem was able to use Siri and the Clock app to gain access back in September.

(Via Fortune)

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