The Rumored $1000 iPhone 8 Won’t Actually Cost You That Much, Analysts Predict

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Provided you don’t live inside one of those money vacuum phone booth contraptions, the most miserable part of a big fancy consumer electronics reveal is the initial chatter of a big fat price tag to go along with it. There’s ample reason to be excited about a potential Apple leap forward with the upcoming (shrouded in mystery) iPhone 8, but the rumored $1,000 price tag isn’t exactly what you’d consider a perk. The upside for Apple obsessives? Analysts are forecasting that the actual cost won’t actually set you back a grand.

Business Insider reports that the sticker price attached to the product isn’t what the public should expect once it hits the market and down-the-block lineups gum up your route to work. Nomura-Instinet analysts predict that the initial $1kish price will be trimmed down by carriers looking to get you to sign a contract with them.

“US telcos indicate record-low upgrade rates have not eased further ahead of the iPhone 8,” wrote analyst Jeffrey Kvaal on the marketplace for Apple. “Modest feature enhancements post-iPhone 6 drove plateauing volumes.”

The iPhone 8, expected to come out in this fall, has some deluxe-sized expectations weighing on it. The secrecy attached (even with leaks and rumors) only adds to the buzz that Apple’s giving their signature phone a major update. What we wind up getting is simply a matter of wait and see.

(Via Business Insider)