Apple Is Reportedly Eyeing Combining iPhone, iPad And Mac Apps In 2018

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According to an intriguing new report, tech giant and instant Black Mirror conversation starter Apple is eyeing a new approach to apps that could relieve a lot of hassle for users and developers alike.

Bloomberg reports that “as early as next year” Apple will introduce a single set of apps that will work for iPhones, iPads and Macs. Doing so would eliminate the need for developers to make separate apps for the iOS and macOS systems and allow for apps to recieve new features and updates simultaneously across all Apple formats. If everything goes as desired, the combined app approach would usher in uniformity and consistency across the products.

Apple sources caution there’s no guarantee the revamp will happen in 2018 (the app plan is described as “fluid” at the moment), but this “secret project” is said to be a multiyear effort and could slot in nicely in this summer’s annual developers conference. Such a development would obviously reshape what could be done with Apple accessible apps and place an emphasis on a streamlined system. Microsoft and Google have attempted their own version of this with mixed results, so there’s definitely a significant degree of difficulty in play.

An Apple spokesperson declined to speak with Bloomberg about the report.

(Via Bloomberg)