Does The Apple Pencil Really Need A $30 Case?

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06.06.17 4 Comments


As long as Apple has been making computers, its higher prices have been scorned by some as the Apple Tax. In truth, though, you can make a strong argument that Apple’s technology has been carefully crafted to be usable to people who are traditionally technophobic, and if it’s worth the premium to them, that’s reasonable. The Pencil Case, though? We’ve got nothing.

The Pencil Case is, well, it’s a little holster for your $99 Apple Pencil, which you might remember is a pretty typical stylus. How much will this strip of leather, which comes in four colors, cost you? $29. In other words, in theory, you could have given Apple $130 without having any sort of computer device to show for it. The Verge argues it’s the most Apple product ever and it’s hard to disagree.

This case makes a degree of sense, provided you see Apple the way it increasingly saw itself over the last few years, as a luxury brand. WWDC 2017 showed Apple stepping back towards its roots of being a high-end tech company with the iMac Pro and substantial upgrades to the iPad Pro making it a competitor with Apple’s own laptops for work. But, apparently, Apple’s gonna Apple, no matter what.

(Via The Verge)

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