Awful ACTA Treaty Nearly Dead In Europe

Europe seems unable to just tell music companies and other corporate semi-trolls that ACTA is very happy, because they took it to this big farm with all the other laws where it gets to frolic and play all day, and there’s no pain, and there are lawyers for it to chase up trees.

Anyway, that clicking noise you hear is the rifle being loaded, because the next vote on ACTA, this time by the people who’d actually enforce it, was held, and the results?

Now the fourth—and final—committee to consider the treaty has rejected it by a 19-12 vote, giving opponents strong momentum going into next month’s decisive vote of the full European Parliament. The trade committee’s vote is considered crucial because it has formal jurisdiction over trade agreements like ACTA.

Apparently the upcoming full vote is little more than a formality: ACTA is already dead. Annoying big brother-esque law, we hardly knew ye. And we like it that way, thanks.

(Image courtesy via Flickr)