A Belgian PSA On Identity Theft Actually Stole Somebody’s Identity To Prove A Point

Europe has a tendency to be a bit… creative with their public service announcements. Belgium is no exception, to the point where they stopped dicking around and made a straight-up psychological thriller about your identity being stolen. And they actually stole a real person’s identity to make their point.

The PSA hits all the main points, of course: Don’t give anyone your bank account info, be careful who you friend, and so on. But they make that point by stealing the identity of some poor sucker who lives in Bruges and then playing merry hell with his life, to the point of using make-up to physically impersonate him. Watch…

Among other things, they stalk the guy and pretend to be a London hotel that’s confused over how many rooms he’s booked. They also troll his Facebook by impersonating him in clubs. And then they end the whole thing by pretending to have completely bankrupted him by buying a bunch of antiques and dumping them on his doorstep. And all of this is hosted by an actor who was clearly cast because he does creepy just a little too well.

The end result is four minutes that will stick with you for a while, because the whole thing is pretty much pure nightmare fuel. Forget protecting your financial data, after seeing this thing, you might not be sure you want to leave the house.