Build A Layover Survival Toolkit With These Five Apps

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Ideally, we’d all fly non-stop to our destinations. But great flight deals often involve the dreaded layover, and of course, all great travel plans can go at least slightly awry. How to survive, when trapped in an airport terminal for hours, beyond Netflix or Audible? These five apps will help!


GateGuru is your pocket concierge as you grab flights. Add your data to the app and it’ll help you keep track of how your journey is progressing, including how long you’ve got until your next flight. The app also lays out both the amenities in the terminal you’ll be wandering and just what people think of them. It also includes maps of the airport, so you won’t get lost if you have to cross the whole building to find your gate.


Layovers often mean hefting the digital bindle and becoming a laptop hobo, wandering the airport looking for any WiFi signal you can pick up. Fortunately, for those sick of the wanderin’ life, there’s WiFox. This app continually updates with WiFi passwords for 150 airports, so instead of relying on overpriced WiFi or your phone’s quickly dwindling data plan, you’ll be able to log in and get to work. Or boot up Netflix. Hey, whatever kills the time, right?


Overbooked flights are rarely fun, but if you’re not in a rush and want to make a little money out of the deal, AirHelp will help you win your case against the airline. AirHelp puts your rights as a passenger at your fingertips, aiding you in getting compensated if your travel is disrupted (delays, cancellations, overbooking) and even if the airline has already rejected your claim.

The service isn’t just limited to your current flight, either. It’s retroactive for up to three years and AirHelp will check on previous flights by scanning your email for flight info (with your permission, of course). If you’re not eligible for compensation, the app doesn’t charge; if you are, AirHelp will take a cut of your reimbursement. Hey, considering most of us just groan and try to forget about all the agonizing stuff that happens during air travel instead of doing anything about it, you’re still coming out ahead.

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