Here Is The Best iPhone Line Complaint You’ll Read Today

The city of Boston essentially has a complaint line online called Citizens Connect. It’s where you can report potholes, drunken college students, lost pets, drunken vagrants, kids on your lawn and drunken yuppies. It is also now host to the single greatest complaint about an iPhone line ever.

Not because of the content, however. Because of the total lack of self-awareness:

Stop and relish this, for a moment. The iPhone is so ubiquitous, so common, that people griping about people waiting in lines for iPhones, people complaining about the pretentiousness of people waiting in line for the iPhone, are using the iPhone to do it.

This is a piece of art, and I just hope it’s accidental. Something this perfect needs to be accidental.

(image courtesy nikitagubanov on Flickr)