The Five Apps You Need For Your Memorial Day Road Trip

This weekend, the summer begins, with Memorial Day (unofficially, because the official start to summer is the solstice). People are taking last-minute road trips, firing up their backyard grills, and finally doing that brewery tour they’ve been wanting to do.

So, to celebrate the summer, here are five apps to hit the road, the grill, or the brewery with.


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Any app can tell you the temperature, but what you really want to know is whether the cloud cover is about to break or whether you need to get indoors. Radarscope ($10) cuts out the middleman and shows you professional weather radar on your phone. You’ll be able to see where storms have been, where they’re heading, and just how fast they’re moving.



It’s the summer, and summer, for many, means hitting the brewery. But with 5,000 breweries in America, figuring out which to go to, and what to try, can be a task. That’s where Untappd, the social media of beer, comes in. One of the more popular apps for beer, Untappd has expanded beyond just beer to include venues and breweries, and will help you track down the right breweries for that day drinking you’ve got planned.



Grilling is, of course, the classic American preparation for pretty much anything. But, if you’re a novice at grilling, or just haven’t quite gotten the hang of flipping that steak at just the right time, GrillTime (iOS only) is here to help. You punch in the type, the size, and the weight, and it helps you set a string of timers to know when to flip and when to take your food off the flame — plus it has a handy feature to sync to your Apple Watch. It also has a multi-timer feature, so you can have more than one slab on the grill.


While there’s no shortage of stories about Bad Yelpers, and chefs have some fairly valid criticisms about how it handles reviews, Yelp has an advantage in that it’s more accessible, and often deeper than most other review apps. Of course, you should look at the reviews closely before you make a decision based on Yelp reviews, but if you’re in a strange town and want the right grub, it’ll be handy.

Cocktail Flow


When you’re at a picnic, your alcohol options are generally limited. Fortunately, Cocktail Flow just needs the ingredients you have on hand, and it’ll take care of the rest. Especially if you’re looking for a punch, or have a liquor cabinet of uncertain provenance at a beach house, it’ll ensure a good time is had by all (of legal age).

Any suggestions for apps to brighten Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments!