Here’s The App That’s Responsible For All The Terrifyingly Creepy Videos On Social Media

Dubsmash? That’s so 2015. Now there’s MSQRD, a new app taking social media by storm, because it allows you to make the most terrifying videos that will forever haunt both your dreams and everyone else’s. Or, as the Apple Store notes, it’s popular for its ability to “transform faces into dozens of digital masks that blend with your features like magical special effects.”

Users are given a wide selection of masks to choose from, ranging from cutesy stuff like bunny ears cat ears, cartoon eyes to animal masks featuring gorilla, polar bear and tiger faces, if you’re feeling animalistic. But, to be fair, we’ve seen that before on SnapChat. The most popular and unique among MSQRD’s features is its selection of celebrity filters that allows you to take on the appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio, Snoop Dogg, The Joker, Harry Potter and Donald Trump to name a few.

Sounds cool, right? In theory! Because in actuality, it’s creepy as hell. Sure, MSQRD is a great testament to how far we’ve come in the filters game, but seeing a random person’s face after it’s been filtered through a chimp or Donald Trump or a Walking Dead zombie mask is exactly what nightmares are made of. Don’t believe me? Just watch.