The Five Apps You Need For An Endless Summer Adventure

07.31.17 8 months ago


August is almost here, and for many that means it’s time to go on a well-deserved adventure. Depending on where you’re headed, you should probably bring an app or two to help you navigate our nation’s wild spaces.

Here are five apps to make your exploring that much easier.


Weather reports are one thing, but especially if camping, hiking, or on the river, you need to know what’s going on over your head and what’s coming. RadarScope is a professional meteorology app that gives you the raw data from the nearest radar station in the US, in real time, so you know what’s unfolding and can get a sense of when rainstorms will clear up and you can get started again. It also has warnings from around the country so if the situation gets really dire, you’ll know to get out.

Tides Near Me

Whether you’re kayaking, sailing, or just taking a swim, it’s good to know the situation in the ocean around you. That’s where Tides Near Me comes in; with one click, you’ll have data from the closest tidal station informing you about currents, tides, and potential risks as you get out on the water. High tide, low tide, current risks, it’s all there with one click, and it works around the world, whether you’re in India or Florida.

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