The Five Apps You Need For Peak Summer Fitness

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The summer is officially here, and many of us are using the warm weather to finally get off the couch and get the winter weight off. If you’re looking to get fit, and especially if you’d rather not go to the gym, your phone can help — if you use these five apps.


The calorie-counting website has apps for iOS and Android, and it’s useful to have on you, especially since summer food is mostly grilled fat and alcohol. Punch in your weight, height, and fitness goals and you get a total calorie amount to stick to. You can also enter your exercise, so you know how many calories you can eat instead of just winging it. While any calorie tracking is going to be a ballpark estimate, knowing roughly what’s going in and what you’re sweating off will help you make smarter choices. Yes, that usually means the vegetable kebab.


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Going from watching Netflix in an air-conditioned room to running a 5K can feel intimidating, but it’s all about getting over the hump. Couch to 5K is designed to make that a gentle bump, not an impossible cliff. The app tracks your calories, keeps you on pace, offers music and audio coaching, and generally gets you in the headspace to run a full 5K in just two months. Or, you know, simply burn off that burger from July 4th.

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