The Five Apps For The Best Summer Photography

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Summer means road trips, barbecues, vacations, and, therefore, photos. Piles and piles of photos. If you want yours to stand out from the flood of others, or you want your Instagram to be that much better, try these five apps.


Think of VSCO as a fancier, more powerful version of Instagram’s app. Free to download, with tools and filters you can buy to tweak your photos in the app, it’s long been the best kept secret of Instagrammers and pro photographers using their camera for snapshots. Of particular interest to hardcore shutterbugs is that the camera has full manual controls, letting you nail it on the first try without filters, and also allows “raw” editing, where you can look at the photo absent any algorithms, just you and the light.

Open Camera

If you want to turn your smartphone into a full-fledged camera, though, you should try Open Camera, currently only on Android. It’s an open-source, community developed camera app built by photographers for photographers, and it’s absolutely packed with features from manual controls to voice commands. You can even switch its handedness. It is, by far, the most detailed app, but, like a lot of open source software, it’s designed more for pros than amateurs, so you should download it and try it out to get the hang of it first.

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