Siri Really Wants You To Stop Calling Caitlyn Jenner ‘Bruce’


Siri, the tiny robot that lives in your phone and has better jokes than you do, is once again showing its human side: she has made sure that anyone asking her about Bruce Jenner is reminded that Caitlyn Jenner only goes by that name now. And that’s pretty awesome.

BuzzFeed reports that this update was discovered when someone tested Siri by asking it about Jenner’s height and real name. Here’s what the electronic assistant sent back:

And that’s not all: Buzzfeed asked Siri what “gender Bruce Jenner is” and the response was “female.” Sure, it’s not the ideal “Caitlyn Jenner is female” some of us might be hoping for, but it’s great that Apple is doing its part to respect Jenner’s pronouns and educate the public about Caitlyn’s transition. Now if only Siri could learn how to say it loves me back, this program would be perfect.

(Via Buzzfeed)