Check Out This Engineer’s Automated Hack That Allows Him To Endlessly Swipe Right On Tinder

I’ve never used Tinder, but I am aware that it is quite the popular app, with some trying to hack” the service in any way they can to successfully get more action. It seems a little silly to try and game an app like this, but whatever.

Many have tried to this point, but the man behind the clip above can probably call himself the king of the Tinder hacks (the lamest of all crowns). He put his skills as an engineer to use and constructed a simple machine that perpetually swipes right on Tinder in order to maximize his possible contacts.

The machine is simple, using a stylus pen, wiring, a battery, and some other odds and ends to achieve its goal. The only problem I see is the possible end game. What happens when one of these random women finally responds? What if she isn’t a woman at all, but is really some sort of hell beast out to drink his blood? Worse yet, what if she smells? Too risky for me.

(Via Daily Dot / James Befurt)