Watch Conan Sum Up YouTube Perfectly In One Skit

As we all know, YouTube is making a valiant attempt to prevent idiots from being idiots in its comment section. And of course, everyone hates it. And Conan O’Brien perfectly demonstrated why these features, while pointless, are necessary in a painfully accurate skit.

Essentially, it’s just bringing YouTube comments to life, which essentially means that Conan is suddenly being heckled by sheer idiocy. Here’s what it’s like, when YouTube comes to terrifying life. Complete with racism!

What makes this cringe comedy is that this is an absolute note-perfect rendition of what YouTube comments are like, and it helps that there’s a subtle point there, amid the mockery. As any standup comedian can tell you, there are way, way too many people out there who have absolutely no problem whatsoever piping up with any idiotic thought that crosses their mind. It seems unlikely making them get a G+ account will change that. But, hey, at least we got a laugh out of it.