Dell Wants To Take Itself Off The Stock Market

Dude, you may no longer be able to get a share of Dell stock: Apparently the formerly huge PC maker has decided that the stock market is not a good place to be.

Dell is not exactly doing that great at the moment. To be fair, it’s not for lack of effort: While they still sell PCs, they’re also trying to move into corporate solutions, networking, and other areas that aren’t be taken apart by a certain fruit-based organization and its tablets. Nonetheless, apparently a buyout is on the table:

The talks, which would take the computer hardware maker private, are still preliminary and could fall apart because the firms may not be able to line up financing or resolve how to exit the investment in the future, Bloomberg said, citing two people with knowledge of the matter. One of the people told the publication that several large banks have been contacted about financing a buyout.

Dell going private reflects the fact that pretty much the only way to make money making PCs is to be Lenovom not that this actually helps much. But it does raise an interesting question of what will happen to the PC market, since if Dell is selling itself to a private company to keep from being crushed in the stock market, it doesn’t bode well for Hewlett Packard, already under fire for giving Meg Whitman $15 million to run the company into the ground.

We’ll also at least give Dell credit for knowing its weaknesses, since most companies would just try to introduce the unfortunate, and aptly named, Streak to compete with the iPad. Although we have to admit, we miss making jokes about the iPad leaving a Streak behind as it bulldozes the competition. Thank you! We’ll be here all week! Try the veal!

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