These DIY Liquid Nitrogen Blasters Will Turn You Into Iceman From ‘X-Men’ In No Time

There comes a time in every young inventor’s life when it’s time to put up or shut up. Most young minds tend to fizzle out or lack the various skills needed to take great (read: dangerous and stupid) ideas to the next level. As a young rapscallion I, like most teen boys, found myself obsessed with the idea of fire and explosions. Luckily for me, I had no real inclination of working with dangerous stuff or understanding the science behind it, although some of my friends did. So they did crazy stuff, I watched as they went on to be literal rocket scientists and engineers while I’m a writer. Go figure. Colin Furze of England is a guy who loves his X-Men and loves exploring their powers, everything from Pyro’s flames to Wolverine’s claws to even creating magnetized shoes in honor of Magneto.

This dude really goes for broke. His latest flight of fancy is to emulate Iceman. No, not former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell by getting really blitzed and going on a television show, but the actual X-Men Iceman who could shoot ice from his hands and build himself awesome, floating paths of ice to travel upon. To achieve this, Furze built himself a custom setup that shot liquid nitrogen through handheld blasters. While he wasn’t floating around, he was freezing a bunch of stuff in his garage, which if we are real here is about as good as modern technology can get without terrible things happening.

It’s mostly impressive that he didn’t suffer from severe frostbite on his hand from blasting all of that liquid nitrogen out from them. He actually detailed how he did that in a prior video where he showed the making of this beastly rig.