Dwight Schrute Wrote A Virus, Apparently

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An attempt by hackers to do something dangerous and malicious without being noticed has gone hilariously wrong, especially if you’re Dwight Schrute. The virus, instead of dropping its payload, has been miscoded so that it pops up windows and burns through ream after ream of paper:

“The impact is global and effecting approximately 80 print servers,” an admin of one Fortune 500 company wrote … “The print job names were all 15 characters in length and unique. The print jobs were all garbage print, as if it was opening the .exe and printing the garbage text.” Other participants reported the same phenomenon caused hundreds of their organizations’ printers to run through reams of paper.

Apparently this was not deliberate, even if somewhere a paper salesman is licking his chops: the software was intended to install some adware but instead did this to print servers across the world. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. Ten bucks says this is a last-minute save for the Scranton underdogs next season.

(Image courtesy NBC/Comcast)

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