Meet The Engineering Student Who Designed An Airplane While Drunk

This is the story of a Michigan Technological University student named Mark, who came home drunk one day, designed an aircraft on a white board, and then didn’t remember it the next day on account of blacking out. Now he’ll never forget what he did, because his roommate posted about his plans in a tweet that went viral.

According to the Guardian, Michigan Tech student Keith Fraley was sitting in his dorm room, when at around 11:30 pm, his roommate, “Mark,” burst into their room, found his aerospace textbooks and a white board, and by 1:30 am, had designed an airplane, complete with complex equations. The next morning, he didn’t remember what he had done.

As of now, Fraley’s tweet has over 75,000 retweets and 125,000 favorites. Most of the replies involve Twitter users saying that this is the best thing they’ve ever seen, while one user questioned the design, until Fraley clarified that it was an ekranoplane, “which is like a very high speed aircraft that floats above the water.”

As if it wasn’t enough that Mark has made such good use over being blackout drunk, he’s playing his sudden fame smartly too. He won’t give out his real name because he doesn’t want his drinking habits to hurt his job prospects, yet he’s getting offers all the same:

Mark is also confident that his design works, and “looks forward to trying to recreate his work into a remote-control model with his colleagues,” Fraley says. His secret to designing while drunk? Here’s what Fraley had to say: “From what the person who brought him up [to the shared accommodation] was saying, Mark had a ton of rum and vodka-mixed drinks.”

(Via The Guardian)