Evil Sharks Are Eating The Internet In Vietnam

01.06.15 5 years ago 5 Comments
Great White Shark.

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If you live in or around Southeast Asia and are a big fan of this site, chances are, you’re not reading this article right now. Why? Because the magic underwater cable that provides internet to most of that region broke again yesterday. They’re estimating fix time could be somewhere within the ‘one month’ region. As crappy as that may be for those affected by it, as you can tell from the headline, it almost goes into SyFy movie territory.

Seems the culprits are some vile, vicious, internet-hating sharks. Some other websites are labeling them as “confused by the cables presence,” but I think most of us know better. This is probably one of two things.

One, some odd viral campaign for Jaws 5: The Hacker, which has yet to be announced but seems inevitable (or) sharks are slowly becoming aware that kittens have taken over the web, and they don’t see that as fair. You watch the video it becomes clear, these are not confused sharks. These are evil, internet-hating sharks (or might just be disgruntled former Sony employees).

Sorry, too soon?


Either way, sorry about your internet-hating sharks, Vietnam. I know a guy who might be able to help.

Via TheDailyDot

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