Facebook Concedes A Tiny Wedge Of Privacy To Its Users

Senior Contributor

Facebook is not good at privacy. Basically, unless you happen to own and completely control Facebook, their official position is that you don’t deserve privacy. But Facebook, just like a bad boyfriend, is perfectly willing to lie to you to make you feel better!

First of all, we’re mocking, but the F8 conference, while still irritatingly named, did bring in a few consumer-friendly innovations. First of all, when logging into an app with Facebook, you now control, line by line, what the app sees and can use. Considering Zuckerberg couldn’t even keep up a sham democracy without freaking out, that’s a pretty big concession to user concerns.

That said, the “anonymous login” is… poorly named. It’s ‘anonymous’ in the sense that you can log into the app without giving that app any information, but not ‘anonymous’ in the sense that Facebook won’t be peeking over your shoulder at every turn to see what you do with that app.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and at least you don’t have to spread your personal information across the Internet just to try out a fart app. Well, until Facebook decides that you don’t want anonymous login, according to “user data.”

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