Facebook May Soon Let Users Pay To Get Their Friends' Attention

05.11.12 5 Comments

Just when you thought people on Facebook couldn’t possibly become more annoying: the company is reportedly testing out a feature that will allow users to pay a fee to insure that every one of their friends sees the things they post. So now when Ashley McBlonde you went to high school wants to announce that she’s getting remarried and/or how many centimeters her cervix is dilated during labor, EVERYONE will know.

Reports Stuff NZ:

Facebook was trialling the feature at a range of different price points, including offering it “free”, she said. This means that during the trial members may be asked to pay different amounts, or nothing, to use it.

The trial appears to mark Facebook’s first attempt to make money from postings by regular users and comes as it is gearing up for a public listing which is expected to value the company at about US$90 billion.

It should be noted that Tumblr recently rolled out a similar feature — users can make posts stand out on their followers’ dashboards for a buck — but Tumblr users are no where near as obnoxious as Facebook users. God help us all.

(HT: Business Insider)

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