FreedomPop Brings Free Calls, Text, And Data To Your Old Sprint Phone

FreedomPop is probably best known for it’s “freemium” wireless data service; you get a dongle, use the data, and if you go over, you pay them by the megabyte. Apparently that model is doing well enough that they want to offer you free wireless if you’ve got an old Sprint phone sitting around.

The base package is 200 free minutes, 500 free texts, and 500 MB of free data on 3G or 4G; if you go over, you’ll be paying them for the privilege. Previously, you had to buy a phone from them, the less-than-ideal HTC Evo Design 4G or HTC Evo 4G LTE, but now, if you’ve got an old Sprint phone that still works, it can probably sync up with FreedomPop.

Right now, the list is limited to ten models, which at least includes phones you might actually own like the Samsung Galaxy S III. FreedomPop claims plans are in the works to make this work with any Sprint phone, however, so that’s worth considering.

Mostly it’s interesting because… well, it’s free. True, those limits are a bit low for a lot of people, especially the texts, and being charged for texts is a rip-off anyway. But for “quiet users”, or people who just want a phone and to cut their bill, it might be an ideal service.