Google Glass Can Now Be Attached To Your Regular Glasses

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01.28.14 6 Comments

google glass frames

As you may have guessed from our coverage, we’re not fully on board with Google’s vision for Google Glass. It’s a great idea when firefighters use it to save lives, and a terrible one pretty much everywhere else. But Google is going full speed ahead, and is introducing custom frames for the squinty among us.

Google announced expanding Glass to those with prescription lenses with a video that, well, probably doesn’t market the product quite the way Google was hoping. See for yourself:

It’s not a bad ad, and this is a step forward for the technology, making it more accessible. Apparently, Google is already training opticians to install Glass onto any frame, according to Wired.

But it really needs a clear, honest set of advertisements to really sell the product to its true target market. The quick cut of the barely smiling couple snuggling and watching a movie was a nice touch. We can see the marketing materials now:

google glass parody

google glass still 1

OK, so maybe we’re being just a wee bit mean to Google. But it’s difficult to see how a product that rapidly saw “Glasshole” become accepted parlance for its users will become the commonplace, iPod-esque consumer product that Google wants it to be. Apparently, we’ll find out, later in 2014.

via Wired

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