The Google Glass 'Hate Crime Victim' Would Like Google To Pay For Her Trip To SXSW

Last week, a great number of people on the Internet found a new person to argue about in Sarah Slocum, a self-described “#thinker #creator #glassexplorer” from San Mateo, California who claimed that she was attacked in a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass. Ms. Slocum claimed that she was accosted by a group of common street toughs in a bar called Molotov’s because they didn’t take too kindly to her fancy technological eyewear. She accused the other patrons of attacking and robbing her over her Google Glass – she and others have even elevated it to “hate crime” status – despite the fact that her own video showed her antagonizing everyone in the bar by recording them, when they clearly did not want to be recorded.

Reports of the incident have varied, but they’ve mostly painted Slocum to be an opportunist and an exaggerator, with some suggesting that she was simply too drunk and lost her purse on her own. Regardless of whether or not she’s telling the truth, she has maintained her story on her Twitter feed, which lends support to my Captain Obvious theory that she’s exacerbating this entire thing for the sake of promoting her name and brand. And several hours ago, she basically confirmed this by Tweeting what we’ve all been expecting.

Appropriate GIF response:

The fact that she views people with Google Glass as some sort of a special interest group is simply marvelous. That is upper echelon trolling that deserves to be both mocked and celebrated simultaneously, because I refuse to believe that someone who claims to be in marketing and social media management possesses exactly zero self-awareness. This is shameless self-promotion with a twist of manipulation and a hint of intentional assholery that would make Donald Trump tip his combover with a mild grin of appreciation.

Oh, and she’s not done with Molotov’s yet. She still wants an apology and whatever else – probably the name changed to Glass Explorer’s – even though she has proudly already made sure that someone at the bar lost her job because of this.

Google, don’t you dare send this woman to SXSW unless it’s in a dunking booth filled with pickle juice that has been left outside for two years.