Have The Creepiest Halloween With These Five Apps

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Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, so the vast majority of us are getting nightmarish this week, or at least drinking and dancing to Thriller in ‘sassy’ costumes. So — to extend the most wonderful time of the year (eat it, Christmas) — here are five apps to fix your costume, find ghosts, or figure out the most-likely haunted places near where you live.

Ghost Hunter M2

Hunting ghosts is a fussy business, and if you want to do it professionally and get your own reality show, you’ll need to invest in some sensitive equipment. But if you just want to see if your office is haunted (it is), Ghost Hunter M2 lets you track electromagnetic fields, record low freqency voice phenomena (EVP), and a few other tools you can use to find the donut thieving ghost. Or at least amuse yourself on Halloween.

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